Wind from the West

Zük - "Mode of the Receiver"


Is this the Wind from the West
rushing in, coming down,
blowing hard, flowing on,
ripping trees and grass right off the land?

Is this the dusk
curtain dropped, fabric torn,
falling skies, breathing gone
dimming world to formless void return?

Or is this the sun
breaking through, shining on
bringing hope, bringing light
a purging fire to filter through us all?

Can this be the day
stopping time, the final end?
Run away or gather round
It's foretold the Messiah comes again

Comfortable life, breathing predictions
Skip along from fiction to fiction
But never you mind
Work the grind
Someday you'll find
The Wind from the West

But then you feel an affliction
Sensing life's contraction
Cease and desist
You can't resist
Don't shake your fist at
The Wind from the West

This is no breeze by the seaside
No gentle wisp on a high-rise
This is the real thing
Giving you no rest
Stagnation will bring
The Wind from the West

And like a dead man rising
Your life becomes surprising
Feel the sensation
Soon to be your guest
It's an invasion
The Wind from the West

Oh, the Wind from the West
Coming down
Hit the ground
Don't mess around with
The Wind from the West