Pain of Deceit

Zük - "Mode of the Receiver"


Is this delusion?
Am I eluding you?
You’re not forsaking
Though I am taking
My license to deny you
Or am I trying to
Be a creator
Of my own dictatorship?

How vain
I’ve been caught again
And he’s been true to his nature
So now I’m in danger

Watch the sky to see
Holding on to need
Can I feel redeemed
From the pain of deceit?

Now I’m debating
The point of waiting here
My father listens
Sees through my ignorance
Turn on the light switch
No need to scratch that itch
No more complaining
My heart is draining out

I see
What’s inside of me
And it is truly abhorrent
Wash me with a torrent

I ask you, father
Am I not meant to know
Before the others
Why I’m always bending low?
You’re not against me
And you’ve convinced me
That you’re not bluffing

And I don’t want to turn into nothing

Come and save me
All you gave me
He’s turned around
And made depraving
He’s exacting
Come extract me
I am losing
This petty life of my own choosing

Watch the sky to see
Holding on to need
You have left me free
Will I choose deceit?

I don’t want to turn into nothing….
I am losing this petty life of my own choosing…