Honest Man

Zük - "Mode of the Receiver"


When I look around
Sights and sounds
Come and go
Interest is a no-show

To my surprise
Before my eyes
I plainly see
A man is staring at me

I begin to think
He’s had too much to drink.
“It’s daylight, champ!
No one needs an oil lamp!”

“This is not a guise.”
He replies
“Deride, you can.
I’m looking for an honest man.”

I can’t ignore the loon
He seems a buffoon
He stares again
And leaves me with a question

Stop right in my tracks
Have I been lax?
It can’t be true
This codger’s just a guru

But then again
Deceitful men
Themselves deceive
Do I need a reprieve?

Mirror in my eyes
I can’t despise
I plainly see
This man who’s staring at me

Was this meant to be?
Do I see?
Have I been blind
Trusting in my own mind?

Afraid to die
My life’s a lie
My soul I scan
Searching for an honest man