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Sheen of Electrum

Zük - "Finity"


Awake and see
The sorry state in which we live
We're bound in chains resisting change
And won't forgive

Return to ground
And look around
At what's to come
My man could dare
To face the stare
Of the gleam off the sheen of electrum

You can try

You can try to steal
Away from real
And you can blame
Adopt disguise
And victimize
Away your shame

Despite the pain you feel
Your soul remains sequestrum
But don't feel afright
This dark of night's
Been intervened by the sheen of electrum

If you long to find
A life designed
To feed your dreams
Forsake your life
That's more than rife
With empty schemes

When you smell the bait
From those who hate
You must defect them
You can try to run
But everyone's
A heart that's seen by the sheen of electrum

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