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My Old Man

Zük - "Finity"


Some may think
That we're solitary
Believe you me
We best be wary

Deep within our midst
Subtly inside
Someone's lurking
We can't hide

My old man

My old man's
Inside of me
He formulates plans
Attacks me when I'm on my knees
That old fool's
As ugly as sin
Is he me
Or am I him?

My old man

My old man
Is the craziest thing
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I sing
And if you can relate
Or if this rings true
Leave it all behind
For something new

Forget that old man

I've found he's more than a match for me
I'm scared of all he can do to me

My old man

Shout it from the hilltops
Scream it out
Someone's gone and killed my old man
I sense it in my insides
Now that he's died
I'm feeling free again

My old man

Artwork by X-Iota Development

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