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Falling Asleep

Zük - "Finity"


Like falling asleep
Reaching down deep
Can't find any rest
I'm anxiety's guest

Tumultuous grief
I need your relief
Why do I feel so alone?

One of these days
I'll be in a grave
Never breathe again
My stone is engraved saying "Life of Sin"
Can this be the end?
I don't want to die

I feel stuck in this haze
They tell me of ways
I can ride it out
You're all that remains I can confide in now
Dark angels jeer me
Do you hear me?
I don't want to die

It's true that I presume
That you'll forgive it all of me
How is it emptiness can loom so
Like dying in a dream

Nothing fills me
This feeling chills me
Because I don't want to die

I really hate this game
Living stuck inside this masquerade of shame
Never mindful of the debt that you have paid
Crush this barricade
Maybe my soul can yet be swayed
I don't want to die

Artwork by X-Iota Development

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